Having Problems? Keep Calm and Throw a Blanket Over It!

From the creators of Adventure Time, the Bravest Warriors proves to be arguably one of the best shows of all time. It is a mini-episode series that is exclusively on Youtube’s Cartoon Hangover channel. In comparison to Adventure Time, the Bravest Warriors is set in the future and revolves around four teenage heroes-for-hire who warp through the universe, saving cute little aliens from danger.

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About halfway through the first season, Catbug- half cat, half ladybug- joins the gang of heroes in their mission. Despite being ten years old, he demonstrates a child-like, innocent attitude with extraordinary problem solving skills. The audience loved him so much that the creators decided to keep him as a permanent character, along with others such as jelly kid, paralyzed horse, Impossibear, Plum, Emotion Lord, and more.

A lot of the lines in the Bravest Warriors are nonsensical, but hilarious:

“Throw a blanket over it! Put a little fence around it!” – Catbug, trying to fix their problems

Here’s the video where Catbug tries to put out a growing radioactive substance by throwing a blanket over it! This episode is the absolute best, must watch!

Catbug’s ineffective, but adorable and hilarious, problem solving suggestion of throwing a blanket over it shows how some people deal with their problems.

What I liked: 

  • Cartoon for adults (and kids)!! Whereas Adventure Time is geared more towards kids, the Bravest Warriors is definitely darker and crazier. There’s a reason why it’s on Youtube’s Cartoon Hangover Channel. 😉
  • Tonsssss of humor. Completely random sequence of events happen for no apparent reason, the show still moves on. Each character has their own quirk, but works together to save the world.
  • Teaches some deep life lessons. As seen with Catbug and the blanket, throwing a blanket over your problems doesn’t help. Good try, though! I feel adequately prepared in the event that aliens take over our planet.
  • Time and space travel, battle monsters, meet new alien friends, what’s not to love?
  • The mini-episodes are only 6 minutes long; the episodes are highly addicting, and could easily be finished within a day!
  • CATBUG!!! I’ve spent countless of hours searching for videos and pictures of Catbug, even made my very own Catbug plush!
Yes! I made it myself. ❤

Not so fond of: 

  • It can get a little overwhelming (if you’re not into this type of show).

Questions? Comments? Recommendations? Let’s chat belowwww! ❤

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