Travel Blogging Challenge- Week 1 (Favorite Travel Photo and Intro)

I’m so excited to start off my 21 Weeks of Travel Blogging Challenge (you don’t have to be a world traveler to join this challenge)! This challenge showcases your experience through travel stories, cultures, foods, advise, lessons, and more. I encourage everyone to join and share your cool experiences, near and far! You can check out the entire challenge in the original post here! Please also visit Julie and Vikkilawman as they will be with me in this blogging journey!

Week 1: Your favorite travel photo of you and intro

Yellowstone National Park

This is a photo of Buddy the Bison as he was about to walk across the bridge (about 3 feet from me) like a boss. This moment was phenomenal for me, because I had a fear that he was going to attack us (you never know, those horns are menacing). He ended up just walking right onto the bridge! It was the coolest thing in the world. Then, as all three of his hooves were on the bridge, he slipped! The poor thing! I was in between laughing and feeling sorry for him. It was so bizzare because the bison looked super cool and composed, with big, all-knowing wisdom eyes, I never expected that to happen. It took him about 30 seconds to regain composure and then crossed to the other side. We hung out with him for another hour, then moved on to view the geysers.


I’m one of those people people who never really knows what their doing. In life, I let my heart and impulses guide me, and trust that my wandering will lead me to happiness. One thing I never regret, is traveling.

I started my first trip by myself to Europe when I graduated high school, visiting my uncle in Norway. I’ve dreamt of traveling the world ever since.

Travel motto: Don’t count the countries that you’ve been to, but rather the experiences you’ve had in that country. 

Speaking of travel experiences, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Singapore, trek through jungles, climb volcanoes, explore colonial towns, climb a coconut tree, go back in time in a Medieval Festival, danced though the night at a full moon party, had dinner at a Robot Restaurant, motorbiked through Thailand, watch Broadway shows in NYC, and more! I’m so excited to share these stories with you.

I searched for remote work and now teach ESL online for $21+/hour. To save money, meet locals, and stay with them for free, I couchsurfed through 5+ countries.

When I graduated college, I met my partner, whom I now travel with. I’m so happy to be able to share all these beautiful moments with him. We’re both vegetarians, so you can imagine the struggle.

I think that’s it about me for now. I hope you find my posts interesting enough to follow my journey. Thanks for reading!! Welcome to my blog, and until next time! ❤


Know any travel bloggers? Tag them here and join me!!! Let me know when you’re in, so that I can read your responses!

28 thoughts on “Travel Blogging Challenge- Week 1 (Favorite Travel Photo and Intro)

  1. Wow, that was an unforgettable meeting! We also love to travel, and the list is long with places so discover. Yellowstone National Park is one of them. We were seriously planning a trip to Canada, renting a car and going for a road trip through the rocky Mountains, including a visit in Yellowstone. But then we ended up in the south of the US instead, doing a road trip through nine states on the East Coast. So, Yellowstone is still on the list 🙂 Love your travel motto!

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    1. Oh wow! Such spontaneous decisions!! those are the most fun :3 Road trips are super duper fun. I would like to do it again for Europe one day. The states is also a place because there are always new places to explore. ❤ National parks are the best! Which states have you visited? PS: You're blog looks amazing!!! I wish I could read it though- do you have english posts as well?? Would you consider guest blogging or blog exchanging for our blogs? Cheers!!!


      1. Yes, Singapore is where I’m from and where I am now. I lived in the Hong Kong & Texas for a spell, but have been here for a while now.

        It’s so wonderful that you came to NUS on exchange – it really is very brave of you! And it’s great that this was your springboard to travelling everywhere!!!

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  2. Wow it seems like you’ve got quite a bit of enriching travel experiences. Very awesome. The ESL online classes sound like a sweet gig. It’s crazy because of the internet there’s quite a bit of opportunities in remote work.


  3. Never heard of the travel blogging challenge but it sounds really interesting! I probably would not be able to keep it up every week 😀 Loving the bison picture, such a funny story 🙂


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