Backpacker Life

Whoa! This week’s photo challenge is Transient, which is right up my (and any other travel bloggers’) alley! Here are some of my favorite snapshots throughout my backpacking trip in various countries around the world.

Are you a travel enthusiast too? I’ve recently launched a Travel Blogging Challenge, that anyone can join! It’s a great opportunity for me to consolidate my travel photos and showcase your experience through travel stories, cultures, foods, advise, lessons, and more!

New York City, the center of transience!
Hiking up and down Grand Canyon in a day!
Strolling through the ancient ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
Hostel living
Siem Riem, Cambodia
So true, thanks Beatles!
Colonial town, Antigua

Thanks for visiting! Cheers!! ❀

Photo Challenge: Transient

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