Travel Blogging Challenge – Week  4 (Travel Misadventures) The Time I Almost Died on a Motorbike

Getting into a motor accident in Asia is no joke. I’ve heard so many horror stories of the ugly traffic, terrible drivers, no road etiquette, no care for street signs. Countless of accidents result in deaths. If the local government happens to be corrupt, the guilty party can even get away unscathed.

This week’s travel blogging theme is travel misadventures.  I want to write this post to tell my story, in hopes of showing future travelers ways to avoid the same misfortune.

I was traveling through Thailand during my trip around Southeast Asia when I decided to take a trip from Chiang Mai to Pai (about 6 hours drive) by motorbike. The way up the mountain was curvy and narrow. As I was going up the blind curve, a car sped down the mountain in the middle of the road. Seeing that it was on my lane, I swerved out of its way.

The sequence of events that followed felt like a dream.

With not enough time or room to move out of the car’s way, I fell hard. My bike scraping all the way to the other side, closing the cliff side. The car that caused my fall stopped.. then kept driving on. Several cars passed by, and kept driving.

I saw everything happen in slow motion. I didn’t quite register what happened. I started to panic. I was too surprised to cry. I just started to scream, “Help!” Even though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted help for. A guy with a truck stopped and asked if I needed help. With several people’s help, I was able to be carried to a local hospital on a back of a truck.


Today, looking back, this event had affect my life in several ways. Several thoughts come to mind as my motorbike spiraled out of control, and I rolled several feet, scarring my knees and hand for life.

Death. Is traveling the world worth dying for? Flashes of regret as I hit the ground. I think of my family. I think of my partner. How if I had died that moment, that some things are still left undone. Picking my life back up, I remind myself everyday that I have to live it to the fullest!

Scars. I typically never regret any adventures I take. With this one, I have two giant scars on my knees to remind me of that moment. I have learned a lot of things, and experienced a lot of things. I have become smarter from it. And hopefully, so will have you.

Determined to not let my accident destroy my trip. I continued to hike, bike, climb, swim. Which had caused it to infect for a week, but no regrets!


That’s all folks! Thanks for reading this week’s post to 21 Weeks of Travel Challenge! This challenge showcases your experience through travel stories, cultures, foods, advise, lessons, and more. You don’t need to be a world traveler to join. I encourage everyone to write and share your cool experiences, near and far! You can check out the entire challenge in the original post here! Please also visit JulieVikkilawman, and Kailin as they will be with me in this blogging journey!

36 thoughts on “Travel Blogging Challenge – Week  4 (Travel Misadventures) The Time I Almost Died on a Motorbike

    1. 😉 Got two giant scars on my knees to remind me of it. I’m perfectly happy with scars, though wearing dresses might just scare people away, haha.


  1. Wow a 6 hour drive via motorbike!? My husband, when he had a motorbike, would not even motor bike even 3 hours out and this is in America. I am glad you are ok but that really sucks about the car that stopped your fall and bystanders moving on. They remind me a lot of SoCal drivers.

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    1. haha, you’re right! I guess there’s drivers like these around the world. Of course, driving laws in the US are a lot more strict. Driving in Cali can be pretty intimidating. Everyone’s super duper fast! It’s the opposite of NYC, where no one budges. haha

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    1. Hey there! How’ve you been?

      Thanks for the sweet thoughts. I’m healthy as ever, though still have the giant scars as reminders. 😉 Memories are still so vivid, yet hazy at once. It’s more the feeling that retains.

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      1. Hey! I’ve been doing great, cheers! I got a snippet as to how you’ve been doing but I’ll ask nonetheless; how are you really?

        Yeah I bet! Mental scars can be more difficult to heal, I can only imagine it sticks with you. It’s a lot happening all at once and so very quickly. Really glad you are on the up and up, I’m sure your mindset will catch up. I’ll go one further and say this post is a good sign ^^

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        1. I’m good, sorry for the MIA! I went on the first vacation with my family in YEARS. The beach was awesome, Florida heat can kill. We are too accustomed to our small town mountain temperatures. 😉 Time to hustle with my blog posts. haha, see ya around. ❤

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  2. I almost got hit on a motorcycle once as well in China, driving in Asian is defiantly more scary than North America. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt too bad!

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      1. Just realised I totally forgot to reply!! so sorry! I travelled to Malaysia and Vietnam over a 2 week period!! Not too long at all. I haven’t done the whole back packing and being away for months, I tend to do small travelling adventures 🙂 and Thailand was a separate Journey. I have some stories to tell indeed I wont spoil it though as i’ll be writing about some of them in the blog challenge 🙂 The night train in Vietnam was certainly an experience though lol

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        1. I figured you were going to save the for the post responses! No worries, I’m not one to ask for spoilers. 😉 Aw, I love overnight trains!!! I’ll bet you’ll love backpacking. It’s just the same thing, except longer!!

          PS: no worries! I’m quite terrible at remembering to respond to texts too!

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