Travel Blogging Challenge – Week  6 (Unusual Travel Activities/Photos)

Welcome back to Travel Blogging Challenge Week 6!

So many unusual travel photos and stories, where do I start?

I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share some random pictures that I couldn’t put in any of my other posts!

When people ask me what I like to do, I would be at a lost to explain. I like to do a variety of things, especially while traveling. It’s hard because each country has it’s own personality. The activities I like to do vary from place to place. I guess that’s why I like to blog to show the different aspects that I enjoy out of my travels. I hope you enjoy it!

Number 1: Born in a refugee camp and raised in a foreign country all my life, I was not able to explore my mother land until I was 21. For the first time, I celebrated Vietnamese New Year, Tet, in the traditional dress, ao dai, and holding my red packet (of money) li xi.


Number 2: One of my proudest travel accomplishment is the time I hiked up a 13,000 ft volcano in Guatemala, and seeing it erupt, feeling  the rumble, and being able watch the lava flow through the night.

Beautiful views above the clouds with Acatenango

Number 3: Have you ever seen giant robots fighting as you have dinner? Only Japan would have it. Check out the time I ate at Robot Restaurant in Japan!


Number 4: Here is me, chilling with Buddy the Bison at Yellowstone National Park.


Number 5: Had to take this photo with these gorgeous lady-boys in Thailand! Would you have guessed that they’re men? You go, girls!


Number 7: Scuba diving was definitely one of the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Considering it was a sketchy establishment in a developing country, and with 5 minutes of training. Much crazier than that is trying not to freak out with a giant whale shark floating just 6 feet from me. After getting a hang of not drowning, I was amazed with the coral reef below as well as the whale sharks swimming in the background!


What are your unusual experiences? Any on your wish list?

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Who else is doing the challenge?

Interested in participating in the Weekly Travel Blogging Challenge? Feel free to make your own today!


32 thoughts on “Travel Blogging Challenge – Week  6 (Unusual Travel Activities/Photos)

  1. Hey Winta 🙂 I can slightly recognise myself in Number 1 as I was not able to discover my mother land (Vietnam too hehe) for a long time! Managed to travel around there in 2014 and my plan for the upcoming year is to stay there at least 6 months 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No way, I’m planning a trip to Vietnam next year too! What parts of Vietnam are you from/traveling? I am uber excited for the food, heheheh. ❤ cheers!


  2. Quite a bit of bucket list activities there! I would love to go to a robot fighting restaurant! I almost wore an ao dai to my wedding. My husband is Vietnamese and we were going to have tea ceremony but we decided not to pursue. It was logistically hard to organize one especially since our families live so far and the costs. We paid for our wedding.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello, Winta, For me I have visited. My husband (and his siblings) have not been to Vietnam. I did not spend a lot of time there because I was about to leave to come back home. I was at Chau Doc and HCM city for a little more than 48 hours total. I’d like to come back explore the rest of the country.

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  3. You’ve done such cool things! I definitely recommend trying diving again with proper training. It can be super dangerous if you don’t know how to help yourself if something goes wrong, but it’s so much fun when you’re confident that you know what you’re doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, the experience was dirt cheap. Very risky, but you’re right. super worth it. It was a whole new world down there. I definitely enjoy scuba diving more than sky diving for sure!!

      Liked by 2 people

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