Travel Planning and Stress

Ask anybody, I’m one of those people who enjoys travel planning, and end up packing each day with things to do.

I would want to sight-see, eat lunch at a place I checked out on Yelp, then go see a live music performances in a consecutive four hours of activity. I would constantly check my watch to see what’s next on my itinerary.

If this sounds familiar, raise your hand.

I mean, I try not to plan every single second of the trip, but I just get so excited that I want to do everything with every second of travel.

But if you’re anything like me, then doing activity one day after another can get overwhelming very quickly. This is especially true in the case of me planning several outings in the same day.

You do things up to the point where it doesn’t feel like vacation any more.

… Not only that…

When you travel with other people (like my boyfriend), things are not going to be on schedule all the time.

The bus is late. There is traffic. The event is longer than expected. Someone has a sudden emergency. The weather is doing its own thing. It goes on.

I’ve planned and planned trips around the world, and we have missed so many of those heavily planned days because it simply doesn’t always work out

How to Save Yourself

In situations like these, it is important to realize that everything will be okay. There’s nothing that needs to be done while your on vacation.

First. Don’t be like me. Don’t pack everything you want to do in all seven days of vacation. Leave a day or two free to just do anything that catches your fancy, spontaneity is half the fun. If you’re not a spontaneous person, then at least leave several of your mornings or nights free to kick back and relax.

Second. Realize that you stressing out makes it less enjoyable for everyone else. Nobody likes being rushed. Plan with plenty of time to spare in between to get ready. If you can’t relax and chill, group travel probably not for you.

Third. Always be ready for your plan to fail. Have one or two thing that you have to do (like going to a Queen + Adam Lambert concert), and plan for that.

Fourth. Wander around. You’ll definitely find something worthy of spending time to do.

Isn’t it the plan to spend time relaxing and pampering yourself anyway?

Thanks for passing by! Please do leave some thoughts in comments and let’s connect! Cheers!

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29 thoughts on “Travel Planning and Stress

  1. You are totally like me πŸ˜…But these tips are very good and I will try to relax more. Next year I am going to Australia, far away from Germany, alone all on my own and I will hope that this will ale me more relaxed! Have a lovely day πŸ€— Marina πŸ’•

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  2. A useful list and definitely one I relate to and should reference when gearing up for our next trip!

    The travel experiences I’ve enjoyed the most are the ones where I let go my iron grip on the itinerary, accept that things aren’t going to go exactly as planned, and delve into spontaneity and more free spirited activities! Travel is about adventure and what is more adventurous than the unexpected (although, at the very least I need to know in advance where I’m going to sleep!)

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    1. My thoughts exactly! What an exciting thing to do- planning for a trip. I’m still figuring out what I want to do at times! Good luck, and happy travels! ❀


  3. Great list! I usually have a short list of things that I must do but I like to leave everything else open. I usually keep myself busy in the morning with exploring and try to make time for a post-lunch nap πŸ™‚ I only nap on vacation so it is quite a treat.

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  4. Enjoyed reading your post: reminds me of the difference between my husband and I … he’s a Always-On-The-Go Traveller & I’m a Go-With-The-Flow Girl. After many trips, we are finally able to do travel in sync by not doing every single thing together!

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    1. I knooow. Life is tough when your travel partner goes on a different flow. I’m thankful though, because we keep each other in check. He makes sure I don’t go too fast, I make sure he doesn’t go too slow. :3

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  5. I do the same thing! I once planned to see Arches National Park in Utah in 45 minutes. What was I thinking?! We spent 2.5 hours there and it meant getting into our hotel that night just after midnight. I had hoped to fit as much into our day as possible and with the long distance we needed to travel I just didn’t give us enough time to do the biggest and most interesting one! It can be very difficult to relax and take the necessary time but I’ll do my best. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ohh, that happens to me all the time with hikes!! I always forget that I want to take a million photos of all the scenery while traveling! Arches is such a beautiful park, I’m so glad you were able to visit! Haha, that’s way more than the time you budgeted! You visited the park at night??

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  6. I agree, it’s far too easy to not enjoy yourself through obsessing over planning to enjoy yourself.
    I’d suggest an extra rule: don’t overfill your schedule. Don’t just plan for a couple of unmissable things, plan only for those. Leave the rest to wandering and discovering time (assuming you’re in a place which rewards discovery wandering.)
    That way you don’t have to leave empty days, you simply leave empty space everywhere, and you’ll never be in a rush, because your plans will never be so hectic as to leave you no time.
    Sure we want to see as much as we can, but if we plan too much, we stress ourselves and end up living in the ‘tourist bubble.’
    Great post πŸ™‚

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