The moon is mysterious tonight, as it always looks. Growing up in a modest house on an island, we often had “brown outs,” which is a local word that means power outages. There weren’t much to do except bring out some folding chairs, sit on our yard and stargaze all night. We didn’t have smart phones, we didn’t have laptops, we only laid there and stared at the sky as we talked or stayed silent all night. Where are those days? 

The moon holds many meanings to me culturally. Mid-autumn festivals occurs in the autumn where the moon is at its fullest and farmers celebrate the harvest for the last year. We eat delicious mooncakes, carry out lanterns to sing and dance, and appreciate the food on our tables. 


@ Photo Challenge: Transformation

4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. A question from the heart…
    Where are those days ?
    I missed those days, it was beautiful watching the moon rise, sometimes we do see some shooting stars…
    So painful, those days are gone.

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