13 thoughts on “Start the Day

    1. I completely agree. That is the one thing I miss about coffee. I love the taste, smell, everything! I’m thinking about putting it back into my life in moderation.


  1. I quit coffee as well, I was a junkie to nth degree. I had my first cup around 7:30 and last at about 23:00. Rarely did it ever get cold. I’ve switched to ginger tea in the morning and before I go to bed, but stick to water throughout the day.


  2. Recently I’ve been letting myself draw more, something that I’m definitely a novice at, but it is such a calming and enjoyable thing to do. I always know my day is going to go well if I spend some time drawing in the morning.

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      1. My drawings are so basic. Usually I just sketch something that I’m looking at and then outline it with black drawing pens before erasing the pencil sketch marks. Some of them come out looking great, some awful. Mostly landscapes though I am starting to try more people. I would say the style is like a more realistic cartoon, yet still not very detailed. Haha, either way it’s enjoyable to sit and create something!


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