Vietnam: Layover Fiasco, Conquering Jetlag, and Meeting Our Pet Pig!

I’ve never used an airport intercom before.

After 15+ hours of our first leg of the flight and suffering from heavy jetlag, we landed in Incheon Airport, South Korea. We have two hours to transfer to to the flight we were on next. The line at security was long enough to worry whether we’d get to our gate on time. Fortunately, we made it through with 20 minutes to get to run to our gate.

With only minutes before doors close, my dad and uncle had wandered off for a quick smoke for awhile already. Why is it so necessary to go right now? I frantically came up and ask the representative to call for their names. I have heard people being called from the intercom many times from being at the airport, but never had that happen to me. The representative was very kind and helpful as she handed me the microphone for the intercom.

I have to say it’s pretty cool that I was able to grab the intercom mic and use it. The of scene from Home Alone popped into my head, except this time the adults are the ones left behind (the irony). I heard my voice on the intercom, which wasn’t as composed as most of the announcements I hear, but I hoped it did the job.

Seeing no point in six people losing their seats, we decided that we’re taking the flight with the kids, and that mom will wait for them to catch the next flight.

Fortunately, they had held the plane and was able to board the flight at the last minute. I don’t remember too much about the flight, except that my ear felt as if it was about to explode. This usually happens to me with smaller flights, though I don’t know the exact reasons. The food was better the other flight. And, ice cream!

Vietnam is exactly as I remembered.

Very hot, humid, and loud. Even in the cooler seasons, the heat is real.

We were stuck in a two hour long standstill traffic at 3AM. Cars drove 1 inch away from each other to squeeze their way through narrow sidewalks and get past each other. Truck drivers falling asleep while waiting in traffic is apparently a normal occurrence here.

Saigon is about 10 hours away from Nha Trang by car. We traveled through the night, which is great, because it saves time and money while we sleep anyway. I woke up sporadically through the ride and caught wonderful glimpses of the changes from city to county, scenes of acres of plantations, and cool side shops of people doing their routines.

Vietnam offers sleeping buses, where we could travel through the night on a bus with bunk beds for comfort. Pretty fancy and convenient. Our transport is a rented van and driver to take us straight to Nha Trang, which is best for the number of people and luggages we have.

We took many breaks, as much for our driver as it is for us. Stopping by one of the many side road hammock cafes that serve food and refreshments. Meals are as cheap as 20,000 VND, which is a little less than $1!

Jetlags usually don’t bother me too much. Recovering from jetlag is pretty rough. I’m constantly taking naps. Not the typical 15-30 minute naps, but one of those legit 2-5 hours blackout naps. The naps help me not get too sleepy before bed, but still have enough energy to sleep before it gets too late.

Home, sweet home.

The past few days have been a blur in travel, crash sleeping, eating, and sitting, which is surprisingly very exhausting. After bringing all of our stuff in, we were startled by the giant pig standing in our driveway. This is Mọi, our pet pig. She’s over 2 years old and weights many, many pounds.

She may seem a bit intimidating at first, but is actually quite tame. We give her most of our leftovers, which is great for not wasting food! Her hair is prickly, what I would imagine a porcupine to be like, but overall, quite cute! She typically lazes around and usually moves when we give her a good rub on her side.

Overall, not many super exciting things happening the first few days, but I’m grateful that we made it safely. It definitely feels good to be home. 


6 thoughts on “Vietnam: Layover Fiasco, Conquering Jetlag, and Meeting Our Pet Pig!

    1. Hi Jane! I completely agree. Vietnam during the summer is absolutely unbearable!!! Even (now) during the cooler season, it is still very hot/humid. Though there are 2 downsides to going to Vietnam during the cool months: there’s lots of rain/typhoon (beach will have cold and strong waves) and some of the best tropical fruits won’t be in season!


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