A Blogging Post to Get the Ball Rolling

What is the definition of procrastination? 

I’ll tell you later… 

Ha, get it?

I saw that joke in a video on the internet, and related to it too much. Which reminded me of the blog posts I have not been writing and the endless list of things I want to put on there. It’s been awhile since my last post and I have not updated on my Vietnam trip.

It really is a lot easier said than done, while everything is a work in progress. The more things I do while traveling, the less time I have to write about it.

But as I am too familiar with it, all it takes is to get the first post out to get the ball rolling. I hope my readers will forgive me for my absence and understand that I also owe it to myself to have a good time on vacation. This post will be one that will hopefully kickstart my routine, so it’s really for me, not you.

As I get back into the groove of being in the United States again, blogging is not the only thing on my priorities (though it is, because I did decide to buy a hosting plan that costs plenty of monies). I’m once again making money by working from home.

A short version: Vietnam was awesome. We had absorbed so much during this 2.5 month trip with family. I’m in much more control and aware of myself and my surroundings.

Though I did not come up with as many posts as I’d like, here are some that I had written on Nha Trang. Please peruse and enjoy our photo adventures of Vietnam.

Sunset in Hoi An, Vietnam


20 thoughts on “A Blogging Post to Get the Ball Rolling

  1. I can completely relate to getting back into the swing of things. I have all kinds of blog post ideas and drafts started. Life gets overwhelming at times!!

    I recently wrote about why we all need “Vitamin R” or rest/relaxation/recreation, so don’t beat yourself up about the break. Your vacation sounds like heaven! It probably will help renew your creativity. https://photobaugh.com/2018/04/15/vitamin-r/


      1. If you haven’t already and fancy, I would be grateful if you took a look at my site. Leave a like or comment, and if it strikes you and you hit ‘follow’, then you will make my day!


  2. I know exactly how you feel.
    2.5 months… yes, it must be really hard to get back into your routines. Travelling frees us and relaxes us, and to come back to reality is just not idea.


      1. Tell me about it. It truly is. I don’t want to be a downer, but I will tell everyone who wants to listen: “Enjoy being a kid/ teenager (even uni student) while you can, because things will get rougher.” Not in a way to scare them, but make them really enjoy their freedom and innocence.


  3. I’m certainly familiar with procrastination, especially with blogging. This is where I was back in the fall. It can be tricky when you’re juggling other things. I also can an underst how it can become difficult to write when traveling. But I find it very cool that did 2.5 months of traveling. Awesome indeed! I try to keep the blogging momentum going by keeping notes of thing I want to write down the road and adding notes to a particular topic as need. This makes writing the actual post easier, thereby allowing me to post more articles.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!



    1. Thanks, I can already feel the pressure of writing the next post building up again. I have so many drafts on my account! haha, just keep swimming 🙂


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