Time Fleeting By

To put into perspective, I started this blog three years ago. At that time, I was living in Manhattan and Staten Island. I spent my day in the busiest city of the world. Thinking about it now, it sounds more like a dream- a distant memory of someone else’s life. We had so much freedom in the hustle and bustle. It’s been quite a long while since I’ve felt anything like it. I was disenchanted with New York because big city life caught up with me. New York was so… fast. It became like the party that kept on going and I felt stuck. I missed my family. I missed the four seasons of the mountains. Since then, life led me to helping my family at our business, trying a life in Atlanta, and traveling Vietnam. Even though I live each day, one better or worse than the last, somehow time still slipped by. I realize it’s been three years and so much has happened. I’ve tried to keep my blog as updated as my motivation, life, work, travels allows me. It has been quite an adventure, jotting my thoughts down and seeing my developments over the years.

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