Spending Christmas in Korea by Myself

This is a post I started on April 17, 2017.

Christmas in Korea is a couple’s holiday. And to make myself clarify, I wasn’t single. I was very much in a relationship. I was traveling through Southeast Asia during this festive holiday. I had just finished..

…Continued on August 14, 2022.

… my study abroad semester in Singapore. I can only imagine what I was trying to write five years ago (already 3 years after my travel in Korea). Now we are 8 years after my travels to Korea! It’s amusing to read my old writing, opening a window to my past self and seeing my life struggles. 

Anyways, Korea was the next leg after my Japan trip with my then-boyfriend, now-husband (spoiler!), Cuong. We had just gone through 5 months of long-distance relationship, followed by 3 weeks of traveling together in Japan. I felt immensely attached, and then separated from him as I continued my travels while he went back to the United States. 

As usual, I fail at saying goodbyes, and couldn’t function properly, moping around for days in Korea by myself (now in 2022, I am still the same way with anyone I grow attached to).

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Luckily, I had made plans to meet with a good friend I made while studying abroad in Singapore. His name is Timon (yes, I asked him about Timon and Pumbaa). It was an exciting time, with Korea bustling with festive energy. Compared to Japan, Korea is much livelier, louder, youthful, more colorful- kind of like a hipster little sister and Japan an older sterner big brother (with a kinky side- depending on where in Japan you go (ha!). Everywhere we looked, people traveled as a couple. Timon and I bonded over this and complaining about our love life. Neither of us with our couple, and are spending time with each other during the holidays where everyone else was lovey-dovey.

Timon introduced me to his friends Min Hui and Ayden. These three became my best friends for that week in Korea. We ate delicious food (tried cold noodles with ice in the bowl for the first time- opened my eyes!), drank together, karaoke-d all night, visited beautiful Nami Island, went dancing the night away at a gay bar. We had an incredible time!

Visited the famous location where Winter Sonata was filmed.
The scene with the perfectly lined trees.
Feeling young and making memories

Watching all the Asian dramas, this was the first time I felt like I had friends and part of a whole. Since Korea in 2014, I have seen Timon once more in Netherlands in 2020. We have both matured since we last met and are much different from our younger, wilder days. We reminisced about the past and looked forward to meeting each other again, perhaps in Korea??

I am fortunate to have him as a friend and rest in fate’s hand to decide when our next encounter will be.

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